A Journey between Bubbles and Terroir:
The Vision of Pino Savoia

In creating our cellar, Pino Savoia thought of every detail, with a dedication that reflects his passion for wine. Passionate about Champagne, he sought out the best labels, alongside visionary winemakers, creating a perfect harmony between bubbles, whites, reds and rosés.

Our philosophy

Refined Wines for Demanding Palates

"We must always remember the context in which a restaurant is opened, beyond the bottles we would like on the menu. The objective is always to give a good experience to the customer, whether a fan of great maisons or a curious person who wants to discover small labels."

Our cellar is not just a collection of wines; it is an intelligent and thoughtful wine proposal, created with care and attention to offer a unique journey through flavors and wine traditions. From the most renowned labels to hidden gems, each selection is an invitation to explore and enjoy.

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