Un Gusto dal Nord, Un'Esperienza Unica

Taste from the North, A Unique Experience
Rich Flavor and Herbaceous Hint: The Meat of the Nordic Lands at FUMU

Our Northern European Pezzate cows represent a gastronomic journey through the pristine pastures of Poland, Finland, Austria and Germany. These cows, a symbol of purity and tradition, live in wide open spaces, feeding on the fresh, lush grass of northern pastures.

Marezzatura and Morbidity: The Art of Pezzate Meat.

The meat of these Pezzate is distinguished by an important degree of marbling, a sign of quality that guarantees rich flavor and a soft, succulent texture. Each cut is a promise of excellence, an invitation to discover the authenticity of the northern lands.

A Touch of Freshness: FUMU Cooking

Our cooking reveals a delicate herbaceous hint, a touch of freshness that makes every bite a unique and unforgettable experience. A flavor that speaks of nature, tradition and a deep love for the culinary art.

FUMU: the meat restaurant in Costa Smeralda

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