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A Japanese Masterpiece at FUMU
Tradition, Excellence and Innovation: The Art of Ozaki Wagyu Meat

In Japan, Wagyu meat is a symbol of pride and tradition, much like wine in Italian regions. Among the many varieties of Wagyu, Wagyu Ozaki represents a culinary treasure, a rare gem from Miyazaki prefecture.

Ozaki Beef: A Name, A Guarantee

Ozaki Wagyu is the product of the love and dedication of Muhenaru Ozaki san, a rancher who has dedicated his life to the art of meat. Raised on an idyllic farm an hour and three-quarters flight from Tokyo, his Kuroge steers are fed and cared for with a passion that is reflected in every bite.

Recognition and Uniqueness: The Signature of Ozaki san

The Japanese Wagyu Association honored Ozaki san with an award for his breeding innovations and quality. Today, he is the only farmer in all of Japan who can name his meat after himself, a privilege that underscores the excellence and uniqueness of Ozaki Wagyu.

FUMU and Wagyu Ozaki: An Exclusive Collaboration

We are proud to be among the very few in Italy to partner with this phenomenal producer. Wagyu Ozaki at FUMU is an unparalleled gastronomic experience, a journey of flavor and texture that will take you to the heart of Japan.

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