Un Incontro di Sapori

An Encounter of Unique Flavors and Traditions
The Perfect Harmony Between the Marezzatura of Japanese Wagyu and the Robustness of American Beef

Snake River Farm represents a fusion of worlds, a meeting of flavors that combines the exceptional intramuscular marbling of Japanese Wagyu with the unique characteristics of traditional American beef. A combination that results in superior quality meat, a gastronomic experience that speaks of tradition, innovation and respect for nature.

Free Grazing and Wise Management: The Philosophy of Snake River Farm

Herds graze serenely in the foothills of Washington, managed by skilled cowboys who respect the rhythms of nature. Each year, they start on the opposite side of the hill, allowing grass to regrow and ensuring a sustainable, harmonious environment.

Softness and Taste: The Art of Grilling at FUMU

Snake River Farm meat is celebrated for its extreme tenderness, a quality that does not require long maturation. We grill it after only 20 days of rest in our maturers, a process that preserves the authentic flavor and unique texture. A dish that enchants the palate and celebrates the art of grilling.

FUMU: the meat restaurant in Costa Smeralda

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