Un'Esperienza Gastronomica Unica

A Unique Gastronomic Experience
Elegance, Refinement and Flavor: Kobe Meat

Kobe Wagyu, known worldwide as Kobe-gyu, is one of the most prized and desired meats. Often, even in Italy, this meat is simply called "Kobe," a name that conjures up images of luxury and gastronomic pleasure.

Nomenclature and Selection: The Art of Perfection

Kobe Wagyu is a product of precision and care, with nomenclature and selection criteria that reflect its excellence:

  • Wa: Japan
  • Gyu: meat (already slaughtered)
  • Ushi: beef before slaughtering
  • Tajima ushi: Tajima beef before slaughtering
  • Tajima gyu: Tajima beef
  • Kobe gyu: among Tajima steers, those selected after slaughter become Kobe gyu.

Selection Rules: The Quality Assurance

The selection rules for Kobe Wagyu are strict and aimed at ensuring the highest quality:

  • Purity of Pedigree: In addition to being born in Kobe, animals must have been raised in Kobe.
  • Controlled Weight: Growth should be natural and spontaneous, without exceeding a certain weight.
  • High Grade Marbling: Only meat with grade 4 or 5 marbling is eligible for Kobe selection.

These characteristics underscore the extraordinary goodness and uniqueness of this highly prized meat.

Kobe Wagyu at FUMU: An Unparalleled Taste

At FUMU, we are proud to offer Kobe Wagyu, a meat that represents the pinnacle of world gastronomy. Its soft texture, rich flavor, and perfect marbling make it an unforgettable dining experience.

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