Un Percorso di Eccellenza

Excellence in Every Bite

Our Black Pantano are more than just black-coated Aberdeen Angus cattle. They are a symbol of dedication and passion, carefully selected in Ireland and raised on Venetian farms. Here, they are fed with noble raw materials, produced in the same territory, in a perfect embrace between nature and tradition.

Short Supply Chain: A Commitment to Quality

The entire process, including selection, feeding, slaughtering, and processing, takes place within a short supply chain managed entirely by Pantano. This sustainable and careful approach is not just a choice, but a philosophy that allows us to obtain a marbled and tasty meat that lends itself excellently to maturation.

Flavor and Consistency: An Art of Maturation

Thanks to this care, our Black Pantano meat reaches unique levels of maturity for unparalleled flavor and texture. Each cut is a promise of excellence, an invitation to discover a world of authentic and irresistible flavors.

Discover our Black Pantano selection and immerse yourself in a culinary experience that celebrates the art of meat. An authentic taste, a tradition of quality, a journey of excellence that begins in the green pastures of Ireland and goes straight to your plate.

FUMU: the meat restaurant in Costa Smeralda

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